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Zone3 Kids Adventure Trisuit Collection

AdventureThe children’s Adventure range of tri-apparel is designed for those younger Triathletes looking to get started at an early age. This range will hopefully help to encourage participation in multisport events and give new entrants to the marke

Zone3 Activate Trisuit Collection

ActivateOur best value collection has become a staple of the triathlon world, worn by thousands of athletes as they embark on their triathlon journey. We developed this range to help encourage participation in multi-sport and provide first-timers and

Zone3 Activate+ Trisuit Collection

Activate+The Activate Plus collection is an evolution of our hugely popular Activate range – keeping value as a key feature with a few additional features and a touch of colour and style. Made from the same performance Lycra sport fabric, with added

Zone3 Aquaflo+ Trisuit Collection

Aquaflo+The second generation Aquaflo+ range takes our award winning Aquaflo collection even further. Improved fit, a new panel construction and super-breathable fabrics ensures optimum ventilation and comfort. Aquaflo is a fast and comfortable fabri

Zone3 Aeroforce-X Trisuit Collection

Aeroforce-XEuropean performance fabrics have been put through their paces under numerous conditions, including wind tunnel testing, to ensure each fabric selected utilises all the properties required to improve race times. 3D fabrics disrupt the airf

A guide to triwear

When it comes to choosing your triwear, there are many things to consider.We have compiled all the information on our trisuits in one place for you to compare and help you make your decision.     ACTIVATE ACTIVATE+ AQUAFLO+ AEROFORCE LA

Which trisuit is best for me?

Our products are created to suit the entire range of athletes. While we do have recommendations for the level of athlete and each trisuit, there is no harm in a casual athlete making the jumping to our best in class Aeroforce-X.

Zone3 Triwear: The Technology

How do I care for my trisuit?

Please follow some of these simple guidelines to ensure that your tri suit stays in optimum condition: Wash well in fresh water after every use.  Only rinse very lightly.  Minimise time left in direct sunlight and aim to dry in the shade. Do not han

Does your apparel provide SPF protection?

All our apparel provides coverage, which may help protect against the suns harmful rays. However there is no SPF specific technology and sunscreen is always recommended.

What is the inseam on the tri shorts?

The inseam will vary depending on what size you select. Please contact our customer support team who will be able to tell you based on size and model.

Custom Design Aeroforce-X Trisuit

A bespoke Aeroforce-x would be created in the UK, where the NoPinz team (the Team who would be building the trisuit for you) are based.The lead time on this is at the moment between 28 to 33 business days, plus shipping time from Devon, UK. Our Aerof