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Zone3 Vanquish-X Wetsuit

Vanquish-X The new Vanquish-X takes performance to a completely new level. Highly regarded as the best triathlon wetsuit in the world, the key selling features of the Vanquish are not changed. However, the 2022 version includes a revolutionary Bio-Ru

Zone3 Sleeveless Aspire Wetsuit

Sleeveless Aspire Great for beginners and pros alike and backed up with a host of industry reviews that commend it for its flexibility, buoyancy and speed of removal. This sleeveless version of the Aspire is for those who swim in warmer water conditi

Zone3 Sleeveless Vision Wetsuit

Sleeveless Vision Updated to match the features of the new 2021 Vision wetsuit, this sleeveless version is for those who swim in warmer water conditions. The Vision Sleeveless packs in all of the award-winning features you would find in the Vision,

Zone3 Junior Wetsuits

Junior Adventure The new Adventure wetsuit has been designed based on the increased demand for a high quality, performance wetsuit in the smaller sizes. High performance Yamamoto materials and features based on our award-winning Advance model. This F

Zone3 Wetsuits: Key Performance Indicators

Zone3 Evolution SwimRun Wetsuit

Evolution The concept design of the 2021 Evolution has shifted from a swimming wetsuit you can run in, to a running wetsuit which you can swim in. This sounds simple but has involved a full re-design process carefully balancing the flexibility, buoya

Zone3 Versa Multi-Sport Wetsuit

Versa The Versa suit is the perfect multi-purpose suit, offering excellent levels of performance, at an entry-level price point. The Versa is great for keeping you warm during the freedom of your Swimrun, SUP adventures and your adrenaline-filled coa

Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit

Vanquish The Vanquish has built the reputation as the fastest and most comfortable wetsuit on the market and is loved around the world by thousands of amateur and professional triathletes. Ironman athlete Tim Don loves the suit for its high levels of

Zone3 Vision Wetsuit

Vision The new Vision features Yamamoto #39 SCS and an adapted buoyancy profile for Men’s and Women’s. The Men’s offering maximum buoyancy including Aerodome on the hip panels and the Women’s offering a neutral buoyancy for a super comfortable and na

Zone3 Thermal Aspect Wetsuit

Thermal Aspect The new Thermal Aspect wetsuit has been developed in the response to growth in Open Water Swimming and the strong demand to swim outdoors all year around. This premium wetsuit uses an Aqua-X coated Smoothskin material on all panels apa

Zone3 Thermal Aspire Wetsuit

Thermal Aspire Sometimes we need to swim in conditions that our normal suits just weren’t made for. For those colder swims, we have taken one of the highest-rated wetsuits of the last decade - the Aspire, and added a carefully constructed thermal fle

Zone3 Aspire Wetsuit

Aspire The Aspire has been the highest rated and one of the most loved wetsuits on the market since it’s launch in 2008. It is also the best-selling mid-range wetsuit as it offers unbelievable performance and at a competitive price point. The focus f

Zone3 Aspect Wetsuit

Aspect Our Aspect wetsuit was born following the boom in open water swimming combined with our desire to inspire athletes at all levels and provide them with high performance products to help achieve their goals. Utilising a mixture of SCS, Smoothski

Zone3 Agile Wetsuit

Agile If you’re new to open water swimming or triathlon, the Agile Wetsuit is the companion you need to keep your body warm, comfortable and supported through the beginnings of your open water journey. Featuring a combination of two, three and four m

A guide to Zone3 wetsuits

When it comes to choosing your wetsuit, there are many things to consider.We have compiled all the information on our wetsuits in one place for you to compare and help you make your decision.

Zone3 Advance Wetsuit

Advance The Advance Wetsuit has long been recognised as the undisputed best entry-level wetsuit on the market. After winning the ‘Best on Test’ award.Building upon these already lofty foundation blocks, the latest edition of the Advance takes another

Do you do plus size wetsuits?

We know that people come in all shapes and sizes, with customer feedback we are doing more to accommodate across our product ranges based on customer feedback and for this reason we are delighted to be introducing new wetsuit sizes on some of our ran

How do I care for my wetsuit?

Please follow some of these simple guidelines to ensure that your wetsuit stays in the optimum condition: Rinse well in fresh water after every use.  Minimise time left in direct sunlight and aim to dry in the shade.  Dry inside out first and then d

What size wetsuit should I choose?

Many people will fit into two different sizes acceptably. Zone3 have the two fits; comfort fit and performance fit. Our entry level wetsuits, the Valour, Advance and Vision, have a slightly more straight cut around the torso, designed for comfort fir

Which wetsuit is best for me?

The most important part of choosing your Zone3 wetsuit for your open water swimming sessions, is making sure you’ve got the right fit. Zone3 wetsuits are designed to improve your body position in the water and allow for efficient movement while swimm

Which wetsuit will keep me warm in cold water swims?

Our wetsuit technology is moving away from warm wetsuits, as ultimately these are thicker neoprene and far less flexible, which is a huge disadvantage. The perfect solution is to wear our thin Neoprene Vest under any of our wetsuits. This will provid

What is the difference between the Vanquish and Aspire wetsuits?

Although the Vanquish and Aspire use the same quality of Yamamoto neoprene, the Vanquish has a Silk-Fit lining and Sensory Catch Panels on the forearm, whereas the Aspire does not. The Vanquish will also have slightly more shoulder flexibility as our

I chose the correct size for my height and weight, so why is my wetsuit very tight when I try it on?

Wetsuits and very tight fitting when brand new and dry. Try swimming in your wetsuit a couple times and it should loosen off a little. Also make sure that the ends of the arms and legs sit 2" above the wrist and ankle to ensure the neoprene is not to

The difference between Triathlon & Surfing Wetsuits: What makes them different?

Triathlon wetsuits started being developed in the late 80s by Ironman athlete Dan Empfield. He set about creating a suit that would help him swim faster through the water and also out of transition. Triathlon wetsuits have come a long way over the la

Swimming in a Triathlon Wetsuit: A Beginners Guide

If you have never tried on or swum in a triathlon wetsuit before there are a few things you need to consider.   Choosing the right fit: It is important to consider the fit when buying a wetsuit to try to select the correct size for you. A triathlon-

Putting your wetsuit on

Open up the zip and grab the suit from the inside of the crotch and turn the upper body inside out (you should leave the arms right-way out). Remember the zip goes on the back. Start by pulling the legs over your feet while holding on to the insid

Differences between the Aspire and the Thermal Aspire wetsuit

The Thermal Aspire wetsuit is our warmest wetsuit. The Heat-Tech Fleece lining makes this the ideal cooler weather suit or for those who like to stay warmer in the water. The Thermal Aspire has been carefully constructed to maintain body heat around